Tuesday, November 1, 2011

4th Grade - Math Bulletin Board

Up, Up and... Arrays

Circumstances of Performance


Anonymous said...

It is very cute board. However, it seems time consuming for teacher, especially writing comments....

Maybe, students should write the report and relate to the standard and objectives.

dayle timmons said...

@ Anonymous - I have seen commentary done many different ways at Chets Creek. Certainly there have been boards where the student has done the commentary, but just to skip teacher commentary because it is time consuming would negate the whole reason for doing the bulletin boards. Chets Creek does Standard-based boards as a teaching and learning tool and as a form of professional development. There is probably nothing that teaches a teacher about standards quicker than writing commentary and actually, most teacher do it quickly and easily. I think it is the teacher's commentary that shows the depth of understanding and the depth of teaching.